Friday, September 23, 2011

Counting sheep more.

After the lengthy ordeal of finding just the right new family for the sheep-- Duncan, Chloe, Chester & Nellie Belle all left for their new home/farm located in Brownville, Maine last Wednesday evening. I know they'll get plenty of attention and love from their new family of many children! (10) Although it was time to hang up my sheepherders crook, and as eager as I was to get the transfer complete, I cried like a baby as soon as they loaded Chester (the back sheep- my all time favorite) onto the truck. I always impose human emotions onto my animals and I was sure at that very moment, as he looked me in the eye, that he knew he was being "sent away" and was afraid. However silly it is, being overly emotional is part of the fabric of my nature and at 53, I am certainly not going to change it. I come by it honestly from a long, long line of sappy animal lovers - we even had a pet flying squirrel named Rocky who flew around (inside) the house at night, when I was 5 years old. I often say "it's not easy being me" Being overly -sensitive is hard.... but as long as I still "feel" I'm not complaining!!

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