Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seasons Change and so do I.....

We have had a small flock of sheep for over 10 years now. When I was painting every day, they were a comforting presence in the back of my art studio barn...and lovely to gaze at through my studio window as they grazed lazily through the pasture below. Now that I have another career and am not in the studio every day, its clear that we need to find them a new home. I have advertised them in a few places and have received many calls. I have been screening each potential new owner as if I were interviewing a nanny for one of my children. Ridiculous as it seems, I could not bear the thought of them being split up, resold or eaten!!

The criteria is relatively simple. A family with children would be nice. Must have adequate room and preferably be a vegetarian...(just kidding, sort of)....with some knowledge of sheep as their digestive systems are delicate and much thought goes into the care and feeding.

Andy & I are at the point where we'd like the freedom to take off for the weekend without wondering who'll play sheep herder for us...a huge imposition to most. The pugs are portable and if they don't go with us, can be easily kenneled.

Interesting how we move through life's many chapters. What works today, may not tomorrow. although I'll miss the sheep, I have many fond and exciting memories, like the birth of a lamb in the spring. But, instead of mourning a closed chapter, I welcome a new manuscript entirely.