Monday, June 21, 2010

Sea & Sky

At this time of attention always turns toward the sky. I am fortunate to experience some sensational sunsets and cloud formations nearly every day. I am working on a series of cloud paintings and cannot produce them fast enough. Here are two...The first one is called "Confused Sea" and was inspired by some big weather we have experienced lately along the coast of Maine over the past couple of years. Our weather becomes increasingly unpredicitable - as in the rest of the world it seems.

The second image- "Horsetails" is a painting from my memory, of a sky I saw while my husband and I ran our dogs on a beach in Friendship, without camera or sketchpad!! I was so impressed however, I think that I captured the feeling of the day. I will post that image on my next post.

Say yes to summer!!! Find a comfy spot on the beach to settle in, look to the sky, bury your toes in the sand and let it all sink in.