Monday, August 23, 2010

Paint the Town Event a Huge Success

Thanks to all who attended "Paint the Town" - Waldoboro this past Saturday, August 21st. The attendance was wonderful, the bidding enthusiatic for works from forty-five artists throughout New England who all came to the beautiful Medomak Valley to paint for a day.

I'd like to also extend a special thank you to the persons who successfully bid and purchased my two paintings during the art auction that evening. A lot of money is donated to local non-profits through this annual event. Thanks again everyone! I feel very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful and generous place.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Clouds" for Paint the Town Event

This painting of "Clouds over Camden " is sold but represents a body of work I am in the middle of creating. I am exhausted from craning my neck out of the car window, pulling over at inopportune moments, taking photos and a thousand mental snapshots of the glorious Maine sky...all summer long. I think I'm obsessed. However, I do feel alittle better since I have discovered there is even a "cloud observers society" or some such organization. There's comfort in knowing I'm not the only nut out there. The Cloud painting shown here is representative of what I try to acheive with my cloud paintings. Using acrylic glazes and other mediums, my goal is to always show strong movement as if the viewer is being swept up with the clouds. I truly do get lost in the process. I have no idea how each one will turn out. They do take on a life of their own. If you're interested in seeing them, there are two examples of these paintings at Tidemark Gallery, 902 Main St. Waldoboro- two here at the studio, 689 Friendship Rd. Waldoboro. I will be entering 2 to 3 panoramas measuring 12" x 48" into the Paint the Town acution this Saturday night August 21st. The event is held at VFW Hall on Mill St. Waldoboro at 7 p.m. reception and preview is at 6 p.m. Kaja Veilleux auctioneer. Hope to see you there!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

August in Maine.

There's a protest brewing. I can feel four bulging brown eyes boring a hole in the back of my head these days as I find no time for play or walks or anything but painting. The Pugs may soon start picketing with little signs around their big fat puggy necks that say things like "save us from neglectful selfish owner" or Briggs (the brains of the two) may figure out how to dial the local Animal Control to complain...they are that spoiled. Even worse yet- Lily (the trouble maker of the two) may find something to chew up the sofa or a favorite pillow... oh, I better go check - they are being really quiet....

It seems as though the entire summer takes place in August. This is the time of year when many people begin to drop off furniture to SeaWitch Studio and place orders for commission work. Everything from entire bedroom ensembles (the photo here is the top of a nightstand I accomplished last winter) to room size murals on canvas that I ship across the country.
Customers leave their orders and furniture with me now, and then pick it up when they return to Maine later, or arrange for shipping. Paintings, murals and furniture are planned, dreamed of and created here over the next several months.

With the heat and humidity of today, I still remember how the biting winter wind finds its way in and under my rattling barn windows... as it steals across frozen snow making its way up from the icy Medomak River. But inside- lots of activity always going on.

We have managed to get some sailing in on a couple of occassions...and will sneak it in somehow....