Monday, August 15, 2011

Wooden Boat Regatta at Eggemoggin Reach

Andy & I were fortunate enough to be invited along to watch the Wooden Boat Regatta from a friends power boat. Great Day!! The third photo is of the NY 50, that won the race

in it's favorite sailboat!


Friday, August 5, 2011

A Summer of Celebration

August 3rd marked Andy & my 15th Wedding Anniversary. We took the day and drove up the Maine coast as far as Ellsworth. We decided to simply let the day take us where it would. We totally absorbed ourselves in feeling so fortunate to be even more deeply in love with each other with each passing year.

The weather was spectacular and the skies were filled with the usual billowy August clouds that could change at a moments notice and offer up a nice sum

mer shower. I spent all last summer with my head in the clouds- either by observing, studying, photographing and sketching them, or painting them from memory in the studio. It's so nice to take this much needed break from painting. The last of these panorama paintings is in Camden, Maine at the Maine Gathering Gallery on Bayview St.

The annual Paint the Town event in Waldoboro is coming up on August 13th. Though I decided not to participate this year, Andy & I will help during the art auction that evening.